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 Just Taking a Stroll

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PostSubject: Just Taking a Stroll   Sat Apr 28, 2012 10:18 pm



Zinnia's Outfit

Zinnia smiled and flicked her hair over her shoulder. She finally had a day off working in the grain fields with her father and Zinnia was not going to waste it. No way. So she had put on one of the few dresses she owned, as well as some jewelry, and gone straight onto the street. Even now as she was walking guys around her age were glancing at her. Zinnia winked at a few of them. She was used to the looks. She was, after all, very pretty. That was probably the main reason she was out here, so she could get some attention. Zinnia loved attemtion, and compliments. She thrived on them. It was just as well that she got a lot of them. Zinnia eventually reached the end of the street. She looked around, searching for some shade in the town square. It was very hot today. She spotted a tree that had plenty of branches to provide shade. She walked over to it elegantly, subconciously noting that guys were looking, and stopped underneath it. She had been right, it was much cooler under here. Zinnia leant her back against the tree trunk. Actually she put her forearms between her back and the tree. Zinnia did not want her pretty dress getting crumpled or dirty. Once she was comfortable Zinnia gazed around. That's when she noticed someone else was using the tree's shade. "Hello." she said to them.
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Just Taking a Stroll
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