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 Character Names

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What should I name my new charrie?
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Calico (Callie)
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PostSubject: Character Names   Wed Jul 11, 2012 8:39 pm

Hey, so, for my new charrie, I need a name. It needs to work with the names Nadia, Nina, Kara, Hudson, and Ariana. Soooo, I need your help. I love K names and similar names to or stems of the name Katie, but I already have 2 charries with K names, both possibly stemming from 'Katherine' which could be the base of 'Kitty.' I don't love Callie/Calico, but I do like it, and I also really like C names. xD I think my fave letters for names are A, C, and K. No, but seriously, I have a D2 girl named Katriel (KAY-tree-uhll, instead of the real pronunciation because I like this one better Razz) and my mentor character's name is Katya. Sooo... I don't know. There are no last names yet, but I will probably make her middle name Rose or Jane. Anyway, her playby is Skyler Samuels, and there are 2 pictures below. Name away!

Picture 1 of... well, I obviously don't know what her name is, do I? xD:

Picture 2:
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Character Names
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