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Welcome to Panem! We are a role playing forum that is starting from the first games.
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 *PLEASE READ* New Basic Character Template!

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PostSubject: *PLEASE READ* New Basic Character Template!   Sun May 12, 2013 12:55 pm

Step One!
Read the Rules posted by us.

Step Two!
Make a topic with the title "Guest's Characters" or something along those lines. All of your characters should be in that topic.

Step Three!
Copy and paste this template into your newly-made topic and fill it out. If you have your own template that lists all of the information in our simple form, you are welcome to use it! Just MAKE SURE TO USE PROPER GRAMMAR AND FOLLOW THE RULES.

Name: (First and Last)
Age/Birthday: (Just the character's age and the month and day they were born, not the year. We don't know exactly what year Panem is in)
Rich or Poor:
Weapon Of Choice:
Physical Appearance: (Must be at least 4 real sentences.)
Personality: (Must be at least 4 real sentences.)
Flaw: (At least 1)
Talents: (Must list three, but no more than five)
Family: (Mother, father, siblings [if any.])
Pets: (Optional)
Brief History: (Must be at least 4 sentences.)
Preferred Angles: (Innocent, Sexy, Mysterious.. etc..)
Angles this tribute will not do: (Max. 3)
Token: (Optional)

This is basically the old old form, but it has been slightly edited. You can use the other form if you like, but this is better for beginners or if you don't understand coding. Your characters made with the other form do not have to be changed to this form. You can use other, fancier templates as much as you wish, just make sure they have all the necessary information listed above in the basic form. The Admins are looking forward to see your characters! You may have up to seven charries, only one Capitol charrie. NO ROLEPLAY WITHOUT BEING ACCEPTED. Thanks!

~The Staff
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*PLEASE READ* New Basic Character Template!
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