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The Hunger Games

Welcome to Panem! We are a role playing forum that is starting from the first games.
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 District Description

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PostSubject: District Description   Wed Nov 25, 2015 1:50 am

District two is like the hardworking younger brother to District one. District two is one of the wealthiest and one of the largest districts in Panem! Their main export is masonry and they deal with a lot of mines and weaponry that is forged. They are also the basis of where peacekeepers are recruited, trained, and etc. They are a huge contributor to the Capitol and if lost to the Capitol, it'd be an even greater loss than district one. Tributes here are trained for the games and are often known as the career tributes. The district is located near the rocky mountains which is near the Capitol itself and is made of a bunch of tiny small villages which are centered around a mine. Some of the jobs you can find here are,

Concrete Finisher
Brick mason

District two really is a hidden gem! Please come join us!
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District Description
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