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 Astrid's Room

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PostSubject: Astrid's Room   Fri Jun 28, 2013 12:05 pm

After they had decided Anders was going first, Astrid stayed in the living room for a bit and she had watched some tv. After getting bored with that she had shuffled to her room.

Her room was so clean and lavish. Of course Astrid was used to her room at home but nothing compared to these rooms, even if you lived in a victor's house. Astrid eventually looked in the bathroom, and she noticed all the buttons, she wasn't too fascinated by them, but they sure were different. Astrid, wasn't going in the shower, but she pressed the buttons anyways, seeing what they could do. Soon enough Astrid got bored with it ad she turned it off.

She came back out into the main part of her room and she jumped onto her bed, and sunk into the softness that it was. Astrid closed her eyes for a bit and she pretended she was at home in district two, and there were no hunger games. Eventually Astrid fell asleep waiting for Rafe to be done with Anders.
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Astrid's Room
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