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 Interview with Lacey DeBella!

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PostSubject: Interview with Lacey DeBella!   Sun Oct 05, 2014 1:49 pm

Caesar stood upon the stage, smiling into the crowd. Exuberantly he said, "Welcome, welcome, welcome, welcome, welcome!" Caesar absorbs the crowds cheering, his smile growing larger. "Let us give a warm welcome to our next tribute: Lacey DeBella from District Eight!" The crowd follows with louder cheers. "Hello, Lacey! It is great to see you! How has the Capitol been treating you thus far? It isn't quite the District Eight you call home, but the Capitol is lovely, isn't it?" Caesar motions to the chair beside him, indicating that Lacey sit. The crowd roars at the sight of the next tribute.

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PostSubject: Re: Interview with Lacey DeBella!   Tue Oct 07, 2014 6:05 pm



l a c e y   d e b e l l a
Lacey stood in line back stage, waiting for her name to be called for the Interviews. The Games would be coming up very soon, and she wanted the Capitol to get to know her as much as they could while they can. Hopefully, she thought to herself, they won't think I'm a worthless cause... She took a deep breath, straightened out her dress, and looked in a nearby mirror just to check her makeup was all right. She heard her name called out to the stage by Caesar Flickerman. She walked out to the stage in her designer heels and flashed the crowd a bright smile with a tiny wave.

"Hi Caesar!" the girl smiled to the host. "Oh, I am absolutely in love with the Capitol so far. Everyone's just so nice and respectful and it makes me feel almost at home already!" Lacey laughed a tiny bit at her last remark before sitting down next to Caesar. She crossed one leg over the other and offered the Capitol another smile. "All of my fellow tributes look just so amazing tonight. Their stylists have such creative minds. It's so cool," she looked away from Caesar for a breif moment and her eyes scanned the crowd in front of her. "And I see that everyone in the Capitol are all looking their best. I love to see all of your outfits all glamorous and fancy." A smile formed on her lips. Lacey turned back to Caesar, awaiting his next question.

coded by Kellisabell<3

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Interview with Lacey DeBella!
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